About Jim Wood Realty

Jim Wood

Jim Wood Realty has been owned and operated by Jim and Sally Wood since 1990. It all started with a four-month trip across the United States. The young couple, looking to take a break from their hectic fast-paced life in downtown Philadelphia, set out for an exciting journey with their three toddlers.

About a month into the trip Jim and Sally realized that they wanted to leave the rat-race for good and make a major change. What started out as a cross country trip to recharge their batteries, turned into a search for the perfect place to raise their family. Their criteria became: close to a college town, near the water, and a good climate. On the last leg of their trip, Jim and Sally finally came to Florida. They immediately fell in love with north-central Florida and even more so with the charming town of High Springs.

Eventually Jim and Sally followed their dream and left Philadelphia for High Springs, Florida. Jim describes the move with three young kids in tow and no jobs: “We were completely winging it!” Stemming from his days as a Jersey Shore lifeguard, Jim had always hoped to work outside again. The circumstances could not have been more perfect when he and his family took their first trip down the Santa Fe River.

While driving back to Santa Fe Canoe Outpost after the canoe trip, the original owner of the Outpost mentioned off hand that he was interested in selling the business. On the spot Jim said “I’ll buy it.”

As the canoes business grew, so did Jim’s interest in the potential of the area’s real estate market. Jim saw an opportunity to specialize in rental homes and property management, and established a name as the person to see if you are interested in renting a home or having your home rented.